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Philosophy of Improvisation Workshop 2016

Programme archive

Monday 8th April 2016: Durham University Music Department

10.00-10.40     Philip Clark

                      'Dave Brubeck and Charlie Parker On The Road, 1953'

11.00-11.40     Mike Baggetta

                      'Listening and Openness: An Improvising Musician's Perspective'

11.40-12.20     Simon Reynell

                      'Limits of Imperfection: Free Improvisation and Melody'

13.00-14.00     Mike Baggetta and Kris Tiner


14.00-14.40     Alípio Carvalho Neto

                        'Through the Continuum: Interconnecting Improvisation and Musical Performance'

15.00-15.40     Paul Bream

                      'Improvised Music and its Audience'

15.40-16.30     Panel

                      Becky Wallbank, Alister Spence (plus a selection of other contributors)


The first in a series of workshops consiting of talks and discussions that explore the thinking behind improvisation.


It featured performers, promoters, producers, researchers, teachers and jazz enthusiasts.


Highlights included improvising musicians Louise Gibbs and Steve Beresford from the UK; Mike Baggetta and Kris Tiner from the US; Alípio C. Neto from Brazil; writers Philip Clark and Andy Hamilton; and promoters and record producers.

The two-day event was held at St Mary's Centre, Gateshead and Durham University's Music Department in April 2016.

Sunday 7th April 2016: St Mary's Gatehead

11.00-11.20:    Andy Hamilton


11.20-12.00:    Louise Gibbs

                       'Capturing Clouds: Evaluating Art in Musical Improvisation'

12.00-12.40     Donnchadh O'Conail

                        'Risk in Improvisation and in Comedy'

13.40-14.20     Gargi Shinde

                        'Continuity, Virtuosity, Hypothesis: Improvisation in Classical Indian Music Theory and Performance'

14.20-15.00     Kris Tiner

                      'Exploding the Classical Ideal of Composition'

15.30-16.10     Paul Edis

                      'Decisions, Revisions, Intention and Integrity: A Subjective Understanding of Composition and                                   Improvisation'

16.10-17.00     Panel

                      Steve Beresford, Nick Southgate (plus a selection of other contributors)

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