History of Philosophy


Philosophy of Mind




Political Philosophy


Music Criticism



History of Philosophy


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Philosophy of Mind


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Abstraction and Depiction: Paintings As Pictures and As Mere Design

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Indeterminacy and Reciprocity: Contrasts and Connections Between Natural and Artistic Beauty

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The Sound of Music

To appear in Sounds and Perception: New Philosophical Essays
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Political Philosophy


"J.S. Mill's Elitism: A Classical Liberal's Response to the Rise of Democracy"

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Michael Bublé: The Biography By Juliet Peel Piatkus, 2010, £7.99  (Published in Jazz Journal, Feb. 2011)


Sal Mosca Interview  (Published in Jazz Journal, Dec. 2010)


Chopin Forum  (Published in International Piano, May/June 2010)


Herbie Hancock Interview


Pete LaRoca Sims  [Jazz Review, Feb-March 2009]


Paul Bley: Time must have a stop  [The Wire, October 2007


David Liebman  [Jazz Review, April-May 2008]


Sonny Simmons  [The Wire, Nov. 2007]


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Christian Wolff - Chancey Gardener  [The Wire, issue 202, December 2000]